Serves you Right, Burberry

21 Feb

We went to the annual chili cook-off today. Other than being really, really cold, it was actually a very good time. It’s easy to think of chili as a one-dimensional thing when I always have it the same way, but it’s amazing the things one can do with it. Curry, brown sugar, tofu (really?), and so on. I’m sure there were plenty of flavors I failed to pick up on. I dug the smokey flavor versions. She liked the more traditional, well done stuff. Something about smokey flavor I just find delicious. Who knows.

The crowd was college students, which made my partner reflect on her rapidly advancing years. Out of college and thinking about starting a family. Starting a family is what really got her thinking. It’s that, then a quick step to geriatric rest home living. So, acres of students milling about in their peacoats did nothing good for her. At least I got a laugh when they dropped chili on their overpriced coats. Serves you right, Burberry. Then I dropped chili on myself. Karma disapproves of my schadenfreude, I guess.

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