Hodgepodge Ethnicity

16 Mar

My ethnicity is “hodgepodge.” I look like it, too. Tomorrow is St. Paddy’s Day, and my mom being my mom, forwarded me a bunch of information about our Irish heritage. Then again, she does the same thing on Bastille Day (French). And Independence Day (here from the Mayflower forward). From the perspective of ethnicity, what am I, really? Well… French, Scandinavian, Native American, German, and Irish. In that order. What does that mean?

My partner is German and Scottish. That’s a shorter list.

My shih tsu is Tibetan and Chinese. That’s also a short list.

Do I look like the mix I am? I don’t know. I’m tall, fair skinned and freckled, and I have dark red hair and green/brown eyes. So, maybe I look like that.

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