Play Nicely, Now

21 Mar

There’s a lot of haterade in the trans community. I’ve heard it’s not really a community at all, and there’s some truth to that. Really, it’s not. Plenty of transsexuals have no interest in being grouped with crossdressers. So it goes. Beyond that, the whole thing really is just generally acrimonious. For the record, I don’t have any problem being grouped with CDs. I don’t have any problem being grouped with the LGB, the Q, the other Q, or the A. Really, just pair me with the alphabet entire. I don’t buy into the idea that our strength comes from some deconstruction into smaller and smaller groups.

The idea that we sacrifice others for our own community or personal struggle really bothers me. I just don’t buy into it on any level, at all. Not do I make any apology for it.

In class I was recently asked whether I thought socio-economic, feminist, and related concerns should all be subsumed under the common umbrella of “place.” Really, that’s an experiantialist term that you can Google, because this is already boring. I gave a pretty stock reply. No, ya know, because feminists pointed out problems with their concerns being subsumed under marxism, and the LGBT community was no more stoked about being grouped within at least pre-queer theory feminism. Meaning, let’s not make the same mistake with another concept. The larger problem, though, is trading one concern for another. Identity issues are huge, they affect many of us daily. Many issues are important, all at once, and acknowledging others’ struggles but expecting priority for one’s own has gotten us nowhere. Nothing is more important than choosing not to divide, deciding it’s more important to stand together. People who’re worried about our earth, social justice, women’s issues, LGBT equality, and so on? There’s a time and a place to work together. It’s time to get on board.

Oh heavy. Next?

I don’t have any trans friends. That’s sad. I mean, I literally have none. How is that even possible? All of my real, close friends are all cis. From time to time I’ll get in contact with a cool trans person I know, but never for long. Alas.

Also, this. I use LGBT rather than LGBTQQA because, well, (1) I’m lazy and (2) I don’t think anyone will know what I mean. But, I’m feeling me some QUILTBAG, lemme tell ya that.

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