Who this be?

This is basically a “dear diary” blog chronicling the heroic adventures on one latter-day renaissance trans woman. That’s me. These things are pretty much a dime-a-dozen, so I thoroughly enjoy my one (1) reader. S/he probably knows me well by this point. Generally I’m making fun of myself on here. Or someone else. Unfun entries have warnings at the top.

I’m a mid-twenties trans woman in the process of transition; at school I still present male. Currently I attend an Ivy League university where I’m finishing up my one class for my MS. Think it’s silly for me to be here for one class? Me too. As far as privilege, I’m perceived white, able-bodied, slim, and educated. Eventually I hope to work in trans or environmental activism. I’ve got an awesome partner. I feel like the only person who doesn’t own a Facebook or Myspace. Goopy carbonara is the shiznit. And, yes, “Who this be” is an indication I love me some Glee (and Kevin McHale is a cutie). The fact that none of this is terribly remarkable –and that I don’t share the site with friends/family– probably has a lot to do with having only one (1) reader. Hi, you!

Edit: I joke about having one (1) reader, since I have no comments, but I’ve only had this up for a few days and it’s getting more hits than I thought it would; since that’s given me the jitters, I’ve deleted a few “personal details.” You care, my one (1) reader, I know you’re looking out for me.


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